Information for Presenters  
  Oral Presentations  
  • The oral presentations will consist of 15 invited lectures (20 or 25 minutes + 5 minutes for questions) and 20 contributed orals (12 minutes + 3 minutes for questions). If the time limit is exceeded, no questions will be allowed for that oral.
  • There will be no parallel sessions.
  • On the presentation computers Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 is installed. Updates were installed which should make it compatible with later versions of the software. However, if you wish to use a different version you are advised to check your presentation for compatibility with PowerPoint 2003.
  Poster Presentations  
  • Poster panels are 100 cm wide x 250 cm high. Recommended poster size is 84 cm wide x 119 cm high.
  • Posters will be displayed in two separate groups: Group 1 will be displayed on Wednesday and Group 2 on Thursday and on Friday morning. Group 1 includes the sessions “Advances in trace element analysis in food matrices” and “Sources and transfer of trace elements in the food chain” (part 1). Group 2 includes the sessions “Sources and transfer of trace elements in the food chain” (part 2), “Toxicology and risk assessment” and “Trace elements in nutrition and human health”.
  • Poster sessions will take place for Group 1 on Wednesday 10.30–11.15 / 16.00–17.30, and for Group 2 on Thursday 10.40–11.25 / 16.20–17.30 and on Friday 10.30–11.05. Poster presenters must be by their poster during the afternoon session (Wednesday 16.00–17.30, Thursday 16.20–17.30).
  • Poster of Group 1 must be mounted on Wednesday 8.30–9.00 and removed on the same day at 17.30. Poster of Group 2 must be mounted on Thursday 8.30–9.00 and removed on Friday before 13.15. All posters left after 13.15 will be removed and destroyed.
  • Poster numbering can be found in the Detailed Scientific Programme.